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Reindert Nijland

Assistant professor at Wageningen UR, studying marine bacteria.

Underwater photographer


I am an Assistant professor at the Marine Animal Ecology group at Wageningen University. My group studies the interaction between marine microbes and their environment. Our current focus is on Seagrass microbiomes and Tetrodotoxin (TTX) producing microbes in shellfish. We use using both culturing and amplicon + whole genome Nanopore / MiniON sequencing.

I also like to do photography, scubadiving and studying marine organisms, especially crabs, and I often combine these things. I have specialised in crabs, and I also maintain a special crabs of the Netherlands website (

Images shot by me can be found at Vilda, a photostock agency of several Belgian and Dutch Nature photographers.

You can find out more about me on twitter: @ReindertN, LinkedIn or my personal page at Wageningen University. My publications are listed at Google Scholar

I have recently got our weblog of our trips to South-East Asia, New Zealand, Uganda and Tanzania etc. back online after the original provider stopped. Lots of info and many pictures about our trips, the countries and places to stay!

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